♥ Beloved Stalkers ♥ I love you ♥ Muaaahh :*

I've Change :)

Yeahhh yeahhhh yeahhh
People said I've change :P
I know Physically and mentally I've change :)

Causes by :
#I'm stress
#I eat alot
#then I sleep 

Memories teach me to be more careful with what happens in life :)
And I hope people will know that It's not easy to be me .

Positive change :
#No crying
#Think before take action
#Smile smile smile
#Control sadness with hang out :)
#try so hard to be matured

Negative change :
#exam lots of failed
#Become more Fat
#Don't care about people's hearts
#don't believe of people who makes promises

Okay :) People said it is not easy to not repeat our old mistake
But I've to change cause I don't want because of problems it kills my confidence .
I want to be a new person with a new story .
No more old Shaquilla :)
This is the new Shaquilla who wants to be a little bit selfish so that her hearts never hurt :)

Good luck for me . Adios :D

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