♥ Beloved Stalkers ♥ I love you ♥ Muaaahh :*

I miss All those things ;)

Dear Stalkers :)

I miss my OLD HAIR :')
Curly natural hair :) I don't know why , suddenly whan  see this photo i cried :'D
STUPIDO me i knew it :) it's okey . Live must go on :)
dah macam putus cinta kan ? HAHA

I don't know . I feel that I've changed so much .
Suka marah marah seriously no JOKES :) And i like to cry so much without reason :)
mungkin sebab aku sunyi tanpa teman :) tak ada adik beradik tak ada ayah :)
I just have my mother YUSNITA and i love her so much <3 Please don't take her from me :')

NEXT . I miss my FRIENDS :')
Sorry guys girls , I know that I've change so much . But I Don't mean that :')
Those who have girlfriends and boyfriend :) please take care you own lover :)
Don't break their heart . And REMEMBER i will try my best to LISTEN to your probs .
Sorry selama ni Quilla layan kamu semua buruk sangat :')

LAST BUT NOT LEASE . I miss and I wanted a TRUE LOVE not the FAKE one :')
Hummm . Day by day , Years by years has just past .
And i never found what i find :')
I know a teenage love is just a "CINTA MONYET"
But I've have feelings . Why every time I should suffer for love that always ended with BREAK UP ?
Dear GOD . I don't want to cry for them and what I want is a big smile without TEARS :)


Happy ? LIKE ^.^V Boring . okeyy --'